About Us

Abstinent based AOD program, committing to provide support to clients and family members(significant others) addressing addiction and implementing treatment and management.

  • Registered as a Not-for-profit
  • Charity Status and is approved with the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  • Our charitable purposes
  • Advancing Health
  • Advancing social and public welfare
  • Public Benevolent Institution
  • Deductible Gift Recipient’s Status (DGR)


T.I.M.P. will support people to manage life controlling issues, encouraging new coping skills and strategies to regain their confidence and self-worth to gain them a positive outlook for the future.

Encouragement is given to families to participate and support their loved ones.


To provide a safe and holistic professional environment, in which men and women who are addicted can end their dependency.  Regain their health, in dependency and once again become a responsible member of the community.  Families being reunited through seeking recovery together.


  • We can provide education and public speaking events to
  • Schools, Primary and Secondary students & staff
  • Sporting groups and community forums

A contractual framework and working relationship have clients committed to participating with a Program Manager that attends doctor appointments and facilitates the programs therapy sessions weekly and assisting Drug and Alcohol management

Mental Health Care Plans can be assessed activating a referral to a Psychologist

A weekly Gym night encouraging improved health

A Family Respite House can accommodate the early engagement  of the program on assessment. This requires independent living arrangements for carer and client participating.  Please note this is not a residential rehabilitation facility.

The support program promotes holistic care and proactive management motivating a client attempting to re-establish coping mechanisms and life skills after substance use -Physically, mentally and spiritually).