About Us

A Non-residential withdrawal and rehabilitation program supporting clients and their families.

The Ice Meltdown Project (T.I.M.P.) aims to educate during the recovery process, implementing behavior management, Mental Health Care, medical assessment and treatment  while managing and sustaining abstinence as the long term goal, reducing risks and harms of Alcohol and Drug use.


  • Registered as a Not-for-profit
  • Charity Status and is approved with the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Our charitable purposes are

Advancing Health

Advancing social and public welfare

Public Benevolent Institution

Deductible Gift Recipient’s Status (DGR)


T.I.M.P. can provide education and public speaking events to Schools, Primary and Secondary students & staff.  Sporting groups and community forums

Support program

Assessment of suitability offers contractual working relationship, inviting a client and family member to participate with a Program Manager weekly that attends doctor appointments, facilitates the programs therapy sessions and assist Drug and Alcohol management.

Medical treatment is reviewed weekly over a 6 month period providing non-addictive medication that is prescribed to replenish chemicals of the brain depleted by substance or alcohol abuse. Supervised weekly urine testing, Mental Health Care is addressed with 12 month plan that allows referral to a Psychologist. Client Therapy provides education addressing recovery management in program and also is held weekly, see program commitments.

Healthy Body

T.I.M.P. run a one weekly Gym session, encouraging improved health

Healthy Mind

Separate weekly group therapy for

  • Woman
  • Men
  • Family members

Spiritual Care

Nurturing Values that you hold or wish to develop.

T.I.M.P. have a Family Respite House that can accommodate the early engagement of the Support Program on assessment. This is an opportunity for independent living for client and their family member participating.  Please note this is not a residential rehabilitation facility.