About Us


The Ice Meltdown Project Inc. is not Government Funded. T.I.M.P. has a committee of community minded people offering support with addiction recovery. With a non- judgemental approach and dedication, we have helped over 200 people approach their recovery. T.I.M.P. has achieved registration as not-for- profit, Charity status and is approved with the Australian Taxation Office for Deductible gift-recipient’s status (DGRs). Participants in recovery are encouraged to assist with the BBQ’s we hold as fundraisers promoting productivity in the recovery period.
We volunteer to serve our community by supporting those with life controlling issues and addiction of ICE.’ Public awareness has brought reality and increased demand on resources within communities. We saw as a necessity to our community to raise awareness, provide education and offer support to potential clients and their families.


  • We love educating!. This extension of our group outside of our weekly program commitments can be booked for
  • community groups,
  • primary and secondary schools,
  • sporting groups and forums in Regional Gippsland.
    A 14-day Detox in the home environment, is a support-program we can offer. This is done by family and carers with our support program in the home.  A contractual framework requires participants commit to attend doctor appointments and therapy sessions.  Doctors assist with our program offering expertise in Drug and Alcohol with Pharmacotherapy Management.  Communication with The Program Director occurs with the participant and their family carer over the detox period.
  • T.I.M.P. attends the Dr Appointments and are there to mediate with the participant /family member and the Doctor. Referral to a Psychologist can occur on assessment with a Mental Health Plan .
  • The program holds a weekly Gym night.   We have a PT to support the females.
  • We have a family respite house that has started many on their journey and assisted accessibility of the support program. We have maintained this house through the generosity of Community Donations, Grant funding and Sponsorship.
  • The support program promotes on-going care and management in the two years it may take for a client to re- establish coping mechanisms and life skills after the consequences of their drug use (physically and mentally).


We hold therapy weekly with participants and families in our program separately. Our website lists meeting dates, times and location. New families welcome.
T.I.M.P. provides an environment for families to speak of their angst about circumstances while obtaining as much information and assistance that we can give them. Information is given of the affects methamphetamine causes with the depletion of natural chemicals released in the brain and about how the brain reacts to this. Logic, emotion and actions that are no longer able to be produced therefore positive choices are not taking place.


Once the participants are in recovery we encourage social inclusion with an activity night taking place once a month. Support persons or the family member are encouraged to be engaged with this activity night also.

Can you assist in this program? We need volunteers to support the social inclusion during recovery..Volunteers are welcomed and wanted. Contact T.I.M.P. by mail or email send details of how you can contribute. A current police check is required. Help us care for our PEOPLE.

Regards, The Ice Meltdown Project