Program Commitments

To sustain this program as of February 2018 we are asking at commencement of program a payment of $250.00  for the first three months and a second payment of $250 for the next 3 months. These payments will cover weekly urine drug testing, supplies for therapy group, participation at weekly Gym session,and mediation at consultations with families each week.

  • Payment to be made at initial consultation and signing of the working relationship/contract.
  • This will be non-refundable and will give some responsibility to those participating receiving an invoice on payment.


The Ice Meltdown Project wants to remind clients that to be successful in this program and take full advantage of the support offered to you in your recovery –

You are required to participate in the following.

  • Appointment’s at Doctor O’Donoghue with Program Director take place Friday 2-5pm.

Clients to make their own appointments.

17 High Street

Bunyip   3815         P) 56295756


  • Gregory’s GYM activity held Wednesday 7 -8pm.

435 Main Neerim Rd
Drouin West 3818

Ph 5625 2550

A family member is to accompany client in this activity.

Payment for client is covered by the program. Payment for Family member is their responsibility – $5.

  • THERAPY NIGHT – Weekly THURSDAY night 7pm.

Clients and their family members can participate separately in group sessions.


PARISH HALL enter and parking off Francis Avenue

Princes Way, DROUIN 3818



Fire church inWarragul provides support to the clients in their service.  Families to participate with their people showing unity.

Fire Church Gippsland 22 Normanby Street Warragul, Victoria 3820

Please notify us if you are unable to attend any of these commitments with a valid reason.

Janice –  0467 655 835     Willy –  0477 098 054      Megan – 0484 917 081