Our Story

We are a group that volunteered in our community to address addiction recovery support to participants and family members through the 2-year recovery period of methamphetamine(ICE)use, now including other drug and alcohol addictions. We saw an opportunity to raise awareness, provide education and offer a support program. All this is assisted with management by a Doctor on initial assessment. We have sustained three years of meeting with our participants and families weekly to support them in their recovery and transition to productive living, while reuniting with their families. This includes on-going care with therapy and attendance at Doctor appointments weekly. Our program offers support in the home rehabilitation. We can also assist with guidance and referral to those that are wanting residential rehabilitation. We would like an opportunity to expand in our program by offering a foundation in the reality of a transition house that delivers respite to families that have taken on the care for the first 6 months of recovery. This would give the participants some growth in their life skills and independence while taking place in a supervised safe environment.


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